Benefits of EAS Security Products for Retailers

07 Nov


A concluded study by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) shows that over 42 million Americans have their job in the retail industry. Therefore, it is crucial that such jobs are protected from theft.  Technology has been outlined by RILA to be the crucial tool in the loss prevention battle. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a system that prevents loss and deters shoplifting. By definition, the EAS (electronic article surveillance) is a system that discourages shoplifting and avoids loss.  Retailers can find out the reasons why they should be using the EAS security products in this work.

The EAS deters theft.  This is the principal benefit of the EAS. There is a guarantee of increased sales in a retail shop that begins to use the EAS. This is because the losses for tagged items is virtually non-existent.  The EAS utilizes an antenna located at the exit and the entrance of a shop.  The alarm is triggered by the antenna of the EAS which picks up a signal once a tagged item passes the invisible gate built.  The merchandise in the store is fitted with the tags that set off the alarm.  There is usually a shutting down activity of the sticker and hard tags at the checkout of the store.  The security guard can then stand up to the shoplifter once the alarm goes.

There is an improvement of the safety of the staff while using the store security sensors. Your store will cease to be a potential target for shoplifters due to the deterrent effect.  In that case, the sales staff have reduced pressure.  It becomes unnecessary to overburden the staff with responsibilities such as monitoring of customers and prevention of loss.  Also, the confrontation of the customers by the working staff becomes less.  Rather than protecting merchandise, the employees can concentrate on sales, which boosts the safety of the employees for the business and the staff too.

 You can openly display your good when using the EAS. Thieves usually target items of high value and those that can easily be resold.  Therefore, the retailers are forced to take measures to avoid shoplifters form accessing such merchandise.  The customers are forced to experience the same effect as the thieves because the goods are less accessible.  Lockable cabinets had effectively given the solution to this problem. The display is such cases is less impactful because the customers are not aware of the items.  You cannot doubt that there is an improvement in the sales of the business when the items are openly displayed because the customers love it.

 In conclusion, there is better customer service when using the EAS.  Customer service becomes more significant in the retail environment with the competition.  The Sensornation gives the chance to jump from a priority of preventing loss to that of customer service.

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